Planned Features

We plan to launch a better user onboarding experience.
Here is an example: User Onboarding
Allow Canned Responses to be automated depending on criteria set by the listing manager.
  • Automatically pre-approve inquiry
  • Automatically send cleaning notification on booking confirmation
Tax Management will help Airbnb property managers outside of the currently supported Airbnb Tax feature.
Current plan:
  • Allow listings to manually set a tax rate
  • In Analytics track tax collected on each reservation
  • Future: allow tax to be add on top of dynamically set prices
Allow listing managers to invite different users onto the Airranged Platform with different roles.
  • Cleaners - can see the calendar (only the dates booked, not the reservation details)
  • Guest Experience - can reply to guests
Automate task assignments to specific users.
  • Cleaners - do laundry, clean kitchen, etc.
  • Maintenance - cut grass, check light bulds, etc.
Sync listing calendar across multiple short-term retal platforms.
Platforms we currently plan to support:
  • Homeaway
  • VRBO
Leverage the already offered dynamic pricing suggestions to allow listing managers to automatically set the pricing of their listings based on the suggestions.
Screenshot of what is currently avaliable:
Suggested Pricing
Leverage Machine Learning to automate replies to typical questions.
Examples of questions the platform would automatically reply to:
  • What is the wifi password?
  • What time is checkout?
Let us know what features you would like to see!
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