These 5 tips will increase your Airbnb bookings in 2019

By Wade Striebel • January 1, 2019


How we increased our Airbnb bookings in 2018

These are the tricks we used to increase our Airbnb bookings by +60% in 2018. For numbers sake, our properties went from an average of 80 bookings in 2017 to over 130 bookings in 2018.

1) The Small Things

An attention to small details can make a world of difference for your guests and in turn your Airbnb bookings. When guests check-in we recommend our hosts place a bottle of wine and a small card on the dining room table. These don't cost much but show your guests you appreciate them checking in to your Airbnb. A small bottle of wine costs about $15 dollars, and a box of cards costs $14.99 for 48 on Amazon (Amazon link).

2) Cleanliness

We all know a clean Airbnb does better than a dirty one. But watching for often looked over places is important. When a guest checks in the first thing they will do is look to see if your listing is clean (I know I do it when checking in). Checking above and under cupboards, making sure linens are kept clean (and replace them if they get spots on them), and making sure the toilet bowl has clean water in it. All small things that really add to the experience your guests have while staying. Resulting in better reviews and more Airbnb bookings!

3) Follow up

After a guest's reservation we follow up with them asking them to leave us a review and let us know if there is anything we could do better next time. We typically wait 3 days before following up, as this gives the guest enough time to get back into their routine and they aren't bothered by us when sending them a message. We only follow up once as we don't want to spam our guests! This small gesture shows your guest you are not only active but are also open to listening to their feedback. This has resulted in numerous 5 star reviews and tons of positive feedback which has had a dramatic impact on our Airbnb bookings in 2018.

4) Professional Photos

If you can afford it (or if you join Airranged we provide it free of charge), we highly recommend getting photographs taken of your property. Which place would you prefer to book?  

Personally, I would prefer the one on the left. Professional photos help set your listing apart when guests are scrolling through the search results, having stunning photos has been fantastic for our Airbnb bookings in 2018!

5) Dynamic Pricing for Airbnb

This has been huge for us in 2018. We rolled out dynamic pricing to help ensure all client Airbnb listings get booked. At the end of the day an empty listing is costing you money. For hosts who manage their properties themselves we recommend adjusting your prices manually. Take your weekend price and reduce it by $50-$90 for during the week (Monday-Thursday) and make adjustments from there for days that aren't getting booked versus days that are. We found Wednesday to be a high booking day so we typically charge more for that night and less on Monday and Tuesday. To automate this, we built an algorithm to take into account over 150 factors to help get our listings booked. For one property we increased bookings from $2,300 in bookings in December of 2017 to $3,978 in December 2018. A 72.95% increase in bookings in the same month.  Contact us to find out how to rest dynamic pricing to see if it has any impacts on your Airbnb bookings!

To ease the burden of managing your Airbnb property we are here to help.  We are always happy to hop on a call to chat and love meeting new hosts. Check out our website @