Many Airbnb Services that are not official Airbnb Partners, leverage a well known public Airbnb API (we do too!). The issue is many of these platform try to make it as easy as possible for end users. Which is great, as end users then aren't bother by having to sign in all the time, or other friction that can annoy users into not continuing to use a service.

The Issue

Many of these services, whether you realize it or not, are saving your Airbnb Password into a database so they can use it any time your account becomes logged out. We tried that at first too.

Saving users account passwords into a database is a scary thought. In today's world it isn't really a matter of whether or not a service might get hacked, but rather when and what protections are in place for users personal details.

Like mentioned above, we originally planned to go this route too. However, as we continued to build out features , and chat with local Airbnb Hosts we quickly realized that while this may be the easy and convenient route, we want to safeguard our users data.

The Chrome Extension

So we choose to go a different route. We built out a Chrome Extension that handles the Airbnb Login locally on your computer. Meaning no passwords are ever sent to our servers. The only thing sent to our server is your account access token (which can be revoked, and doesn't contain your password), and your Airbnb email address. That is it.

Have questions about this?

Reach out to us and we would be happy to chat with you about how our login system works and how it safeguards your personal information.

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