What is Rule Based Pricing?

You can create a pricing plan that is specific to your listing using our rule-based pricing algorithm that is easy to understand, setup, and maintain. By leveraging your rules & Airbnb's Smart Pricing data you can have dynamic pricing with full flexibility, that doesn't under or over price your listing. You can set up rules to automatically raise prices on the weekends or lower prices when there's a short gap bookings.

1. Sign into your listing

To set up Canned Responses for your listing sign into your Airraged account and go through to your listing: Go to Dashboard

2. Go to the settings

Under your settings menu, click "Pricing" to expand the options. Then select "Manual Pricing": Go to Manual Pricing Settings

3. Add your Pricing Rule

Select the type of rule you wish to add and fill out the required details. Add Pricing Rule

4. Your pricing will be automatically updated

Once saved, we will update your listing pricing for 365 days into the future. Then every 6 hours we will run the process again to keep prices up to date and increase your search ranking by automatically updating your calendar.

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